Note from Parish Nursing:


  1. MAC Main Kitchen - shelf by sink, see sign
  2. MAC Desk - bottom left hand drawer in tool box
  3. MAC Youth Kitchen downstairs (small)
  4. Narthex - on wall near information desk
  5. Upstairs CEC 2 yr old bathroom
  6. Both Nurseries - below sinks, child proof cabinets, see signs
  7. Fellowship Hall Kitchen - on wall by desk
  8. Children’s big room downstairs (Children’s wing) - left hand kitchen drawer
  9. Portable kit on wheels in Parish Nurse Office

On Parish Nurse Desk: In plastic container - Bandaids, Aspirin (for heart attacks), Sugar (for diabetic shock), and a Gluose Meter.

Medical Equipment

We welcome donations of wheel chairs, walkers, shower chairs, commode rails.  We are NO LONGER accepting crutches.  These items can be borrowed.  They are stored in the Annex (see a Parish Nurse or Evelyn).  Please sign out and back in on clip board behind the Parish Nurse desk.  Please return these items when you no longer need them.  We also have a supply of bed pads and adult diapers to give away.

  • Important!  Wheel chairs and walkers will no longer be stored in the Sacristy Office.  The Parish Nurse Office will have a wheel chair and walker for in church use only.  There is also a wheel chair and walker in the closet behind the MAC desk, also for in church use.

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