That was the biggest “one inch of snow” I have ever seen!!! I hope your life is returning to some semblance of “routine.” I am finding it hard to get used to having the ground white! It was breathtakingly beautiful - but Lordy did that snow disrupt lives! Here is what so many of you are asking:

Jeff has been re-coordinating ever since the cancellation. Yes, we will do the Christmas Cantata this Sunday Dec 17 at both the 8:30 and 11 am services. And yes, we will have all three services like normal - so if you wish to hear a sermon entitled, “Where is Christmas?” based on John 3:16, come to THE WELL at 9:45 as well as the Cantata at either 8:30 or 11 am. The Cantata will take the place of the sermon at 8:30 and 11 am. Cinnamon rolls and juice will be on tables in the MAC desk area. Please help yourselves! They were purchased for last Sunday - if you could help us “consume them” - that would be greatly appreciated! They are a gift to you as part of our celebration.

We also will have one adult profess her faith at THE WELL this Sunday and two people join Christ’s movement through us at 11. To God be the GLORY!

The Angel Tree was put up last Tuesday. It is the Christmas tree in the Narthex entrance to the MAC. The decorations on the tree are invitations. Take one and go buy the toy written on the decoration and return it UNWRAPPED to the bottom of the tree. We really appreciate everyone who has already participated. The toys are picked up and distributed by the Union County Sheriff’s Department to children in our county who will benefit most from them. Everyone lost a weekend with the snow - so we have moved the pickup date to later next week. If you wish to participate, please do so this coming week!
God’s Love,

No Wednesday Night Dinner (dinner on break until into January)

Youth Gathering Tonight (5 pm to 7 pm)
Pizza party and working on the Youth gingerbread houses
Youth are Middlers and High Schoolers.- come join the group at the Gathering.

Wednesday Night Advent Bible Study :
Week three of this four week study on “The Christmas Gifts that Never Break” will be from 6 pm to 6:45 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Just come!

Cantata Practice (again) this Wednesday Night - have some new folks involved with this scheduling now so please come to this “second” practice.

Children’s Christmas Play - Sunday, December 17 at 3 pm in the MAC:
Come witness the living nativity as all the animals, the shepherds the angels and baby Jesus appear - come support our Children’s Ministry by just being present and smiling at all the little ones acting out HIS story. Our Children’s ministry covers K through 5th grade (although we are currently blessed with a lot of very little ones - you really don’t want to miss this! It’s going to be awesome!)

Upcoming December Plans:
Sunday December 24 Worship services:
There will be four worship services that day. 11 am, 5 pm, 7 pm, 11 pm
The offering at 11 am will be for general church offering. 100% of the offering received at the 5 pm, 7, pm and 11 pm services will go towards Hope House.

Living Lord’s Supper Drama: (Great Initial response - keep going!)
Chuck and Pam Morgan invite the church into a “new thing” this coming Easter. They would like to put on a Living Lord’s Supper drama based on the famous da Vinci painting on Holy Thursday during Holy Week the last week of March. The Morgan’s are looking for folks willing to be the characters in the Living Lord’s Supper, set design, etc…if you would like to participate in this please contact Pam Morgan

A Night to Shine - Friday evening February 9 dinner/dance - Prom Night
JoAnn Strickland is leading a team effort coordinating our first Tim Tebow Foundation “A Night to Shine” dinner dance for special needs folks in our region. You can go onto our web site - at the bottom of the home page, click on “A Night to Shine.” From there you can register participants or as a volunteer. We are already over 60 participants registered. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Do not wait until the last minute to register as a volunteer. There is training you will need to go through in preparation for this event. Our Safe Sanctuary policy covers both minors and vulnerable adults - so please do not wait for the last minute to volunteer. We are setting up special Safe Sanctuary training events in January. Check out our Web Site - more info there. I am sounding the volunteer call - ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Critical Service Opportunities: (PLEASE CONSIDER!)
Remember to volunteer to help for “A Night to Shine” - the Tim Tebow Foundation Prom dinner/dance for people with special needs February 9 in our MAC. We have begun to get a good group of volunteers but we need more - THANK YOU! And THANK YOU new volunteers who now fill the 11 am video booth chair - looks like that seat may be covered with 5 people. And THANK YOU for the new volunteers who have stepped up to be home-bound Holy Communion servers - we picked up two more teams last week that will be available beginning in January. We need one or two more people to cover our beloved home-bound folks. If you want to know more, please contact Pastor Mark by email at

Pray without Ceasing for:
Those who do not yet really know Jesus (yet) - let them see the Church now
Our military families
The two UMC related agencies in our neighborhood (YHC & Brannon Lodge)
Our entire staff team and their families
All those with Alzheimers/Dementia related struggles
Jamie & Liz Patton - Jamie at home with failing kidneys - no dialysis
Alex & Pat Box - Alex and Pat moved back home today! WOO! HOOOOOO!!!!
Nancy Joyce - brother in Pittsburgh - hospitalized from heart attack (continue to pray for Nancy’s Mother - Gloria Mason)
Helen Owenby - recovering at assisted living facility from stress fractures
Sheila Loy father (Willis) - back
Phil Sallings - general health
Joyce Byers - recent loss of her sister Martha (third sibling this year)
Debbie Steed - surgical procedure tomorrow at Emory (Wednesday)
Shannon Burgess two nephews (Luke - pancreas & Matt - colon cancer)
Rod Johnson - MRI to troubleshoot vision problems
Gail McGuire sister in law (Cheri) - kidney cancer / kidney function
Pam Morgan - brother (Michael) - prostate cancer
Diane & Bill Kolb’s daughter (Trish Wilkes) - recovering at home
Mitzi Gasaway - cousin in TX diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
Susan & Walt Forrester’s brother in law - pancreatic cancer surgery
Alice Aiken (Rev. Jim Aiken’s wife) healing at home from cancer related procedure
Manon Thompson — back home but needs our prayers for continued healing
Kelly Schuknecht’s sister’s family - niece Emily - memory
Mike Brandenburg - completing antibiotic treatment at home
Ingrid Engle - sister Maggie - general health
Susan Flemming - recent cancer diagnosis
Jean Riddle – her sister’s declining health, Ruby Hruby
Larry Culpepper’s sister (Joyce Hampton) - serious illness
Claudia Deprez - goods test results in months ahead
Zadie McCall - great niece (Katrina Laxton) - chemo
Norm Rogers - recent prostate cancer diagnosis
Kris and Larry Furgason - their 38 year old daughter Holly - breast cancer.
Janice Jarrard - sister with ovarian cancer
Ruth Stefko son (Mike Stefko) - cancer related - and daughter (Dawn Chappel) - several health issues related to broken neck vertebrae.
Kathy Zimmerman’s sister (Alice Pollert) - continuing cancer related treatments
Luann, Carol & Bob Head – general health
Shirley Cobb/Bob Head/Eva Breedlove/Carol Warren/Greg Lane – chronic back/neck/pain issues.

Through us God will reach people, touch souls, change hearts, and launch disciples (that’s Church!)

A Note from Finance

The treasure chests will stay out to receive your 2018
“Estimate of Giving Cards.” Blank card’s are now at the MAC desk and Narthex desk. We will send out “Thank Yous” after Christmas when we open the treasure chests. Just a reminder, if you desire your giving to be giving of record for calendar year 2017, the church must receive it no later than Sunday, December 31.

……………………….Received……………….YTD Received
December 3rd…….$ 24,885…………………………$1,016,400

Please remember FUMC in your legacy trusts & wills!

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