This Advent has been full of everything - snow, rain, warm, cold, hospitals, miracles, concerts, homecomings, travels, plays, Cantatas, service, caring, projects, meals, decorations, good will, celebrating, sharing, connecting, and so much more. I offer this special prayer for each one of you, “May your Advent also be full of hope, love, joy, and peace.” We have gone very traditional this Christmas cycle. It has been very comforting to me to revisit those four very familiar words in our shared season of preparation. In our retelling of HIS story, the creation is pregnant with expectation.
Do you see what I see? A star….
May the excitement of our shared celebration of Christ’s birth into the world fill your hearts with the Spirit of Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!
pastor mark
ps - the end of our Advent Bible study is in the Sanctuary at 6 pm Wednesday.

Welcome our newest members:
Marie Goddard - 189 Lazy River Drive, Blairsville, GA 30512
Ray and Patricia Norwood - 304 Highlands Lane, Blairsville, GA 30512

Christmas Eve - Sunday - December 24:
We have four services planned for this coming Sunday:
11 am Worship in the Sanctuary:
Rev. Mike Cloyd will be providing the message. Our Worship Choir will be present to help lead us in worship. Lot’s of Christmas Hymns - come worship with us in song and Word. The offering will be for the general church. Loving nursery is provided for this service.
5 pm Worship in the Sanctuary:
Join us for this Communion / Candlelight service. Loving nursery will be staffed with extra love (extra servant hearts!) The worship choir will be present for this service. 100% of the offering will go to support our community Hope House.
7 pm Worship in the Sanctuary:
Join us for this more intimate Communion / Candlelight service. Jeff, Keith, and Elizabeth Plott will be leading the worship music. 100% of the offering will go to support our community Hope House. There is no nursery for this service.
11 pm Worship in the Sanctuary:
Join us for this very intimate Communion / Candlelight service. Rose Oberlin and Billy Hendricks (both from our worship choir) will be leading the music for this service. The service begins with Rose sharing the give of Christmas medley through her harp. 100% of the offering will go to support our community Hope House. There is no nursery for this service.

The Angel Tree at FUMC:
THANK YOU CHURCH for your fast response. We should have been ready to put out more toy cards on the tree. You cleaned us out in one service! If you would like to participate, just go buy a toy (any toy) and return it unwrapped under the Angel Christmas tree in the Narthex before Thursday. The Union County Sheriff’s Department will be here this Thursday to pick up all the toys we have collected. They distribute to families who can benefit most from these gifts in our county. THANK YOU!

Once again, your generosity through the staff love offering has been an amazing blessing to us! We truly thank you! Merry Christmas!!!

Critical Service Opportunities: (PLEASE CONSIDER!)
Volunteer for the Tim Tebow, “A Night to Shine” through our church web site.
All but three roles have been filled for the Easter Living Lord’s Supper drama.
The 11 am sound team could use one more person to join this team.

Pray without Ceasing for:
People to be attracted to the LIGHT of Jesus at Christmas
Our military families
The two UMC related agencies in our neighborhood (YHC & Brannon Lodge)
Our entire staff team and their families
All those with Alzheimers/Dementia related struggles
Jamie & Liz Patton - Jamie at home with multiple health issues
Alex & Pat Box - in this adjustment period with the move back home Woo! Hoo!!!
Nancy Joyce - brother in Pittsburgh - general health (continue to pray for Nancy’s Mother - Gloria Mason)
Glenda Taylor - recent loss of beloved Uncle in Louisiana
Carolyn Tanner - biopsy
Helen Owenby - recovering at assisted living facility from stress fractures
Brenda Adams - in Gainesville hospital with GI issues
Silesia Clark - Father in Mississippi - severe health issues (Silesia is there)
B.L. Anderson (our custodian) - many days in UGH with GI issues - tests
Sheila Loy father (Willis) - will have knee replacement in the near future
Phil Sallings - general health (good to see the Sallings in worship Sunday!)
Lynn Varian - recovering at home from recent stroke - doing very well
Debbie Steed - recovering at home from surgery - awaiting pathology
Shannon Burgess two nephews (Luke - pancreas & Matt - colon cancer)
Rod Johnson - MRI to troubleshoot vision problems
Gail McGuire sister in law (Cheri) - kidney cancer / kidney function
Pam Morgan - brother (Michael) - prostate cancer
Wayne Jones (the one married to Barbara - remember, we have two Wayne Jones now!) - back in worship Sunday after two stents
Mitzi Gasaway - cousin in TX diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
Susan & Walt Forrester’s brother in law - pancreatic cancer surgery
Alice Aiken (Rev. Jim Aiken’s wife) healing at home from cancer related procedure
Manon Thompson — back home but needs our prayers for continued healing
Kelly Schuknecht’s sister’s family - niece Emily - memory
Mike Brandenburg - what a joy to see Mike and Kathy in worship Sunday!
Ingrid Engle - sister Maggie - general health
Susan Flemming - recent cancer diagnosis
Jean Riddle – her sister’s declining health, Ruby Hruby
Larry Culpepper’s sister (Joyce Hampton) - serious illness
Claudia Deprez - goods test results in months ahead
Zadie McCall - great niece (Katrina Laxton) - chemo
Norm Rogers - recent prostate cancer diagnosis
Kris and Larry Furgason - their 38 year old daughter Holly - breast cancer.
Janice Jarrard - sister with ovarian cancer
Ruth Stefko son (Mike Stefko) - cancer related - and daughter (Dawn Chappel) - several health issues related to broken neck vertebrae.
Kathy Zimmerman’s sister (Alice Pollert) - continuing cancer related treatments
Luann, Carol & Bob Head – general health
Shirley Cobb/Bob Head/Eva Breedlove/Carol Warren/Greg Lane – chronic back/neck/pain issues.

Through us God will reach people, touch souls, change hearts, and launch disciples (that’s Church!)

A Note from Finance

The treasure chests will stay out to receive your 2018
“Estimate of Giving Cards.” Blank card’s are now at the MAC desk and Narthex desk. We will send out “Thank Yous” and report the results after Christmas when we open the treasure chests.

Just a reminder, if you desire your giving to be giving of record for calendar year 2017, the church must receive it no later than Sunday, December 31. THANK YOU for the extra “ketchup” after the snow cancellation December 10. We had 635 in worship Sunday across our 3 worship services (and of course, some folks worshiped twice on Cantata Sunday.) THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!

……………………….Received……………….YTD Received
December 3rd…….$ 24,885…………………………$1,016,400
December 17th…..$ 54,275…………………………$1,070,675

Please continue to remember your Church in your legacy trusts & wills - that gift is greatly appreciated!

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