Let me update you on the Fall Festival. We had indicated the incorrect days when people will be at the Annex Building and in the Fellowship Hall to receive your “stuff” donations. Here is the correct information:
Annex Building (Tan Metal building on back of parking lot):
Volunteers will be present to receive your “stuff” donations - basically anything other than clothing related items - on just FRIDAYS from 9 am to 11 am. People are donating household goods, tools, outdoor items, used furniture, anything that you might sell in a yard sale - or just big happy to have out of the house!
Fellowship Hall:
Beginning Friday Sept 7th, volunteers will be present to receive used clothing, shoes, and apparel related items in the Fellowship Hall from 9 to 11 am.
Silent Auction:
In addition, if you have something that might work well for the silent auction, contact Stan Wallace at stanwallace@windstream.net We have already had a boat donated this year! Everything helps! We are thinking outside of the box this year and inviting you to do the same!
The Fall Festival where we open this up to the public is October 12 & 13. All proceeds from the Fall Festival go 100% to pay down the MAC building loan. The Fall Festival is the one event of the year where we invite the entire church to help us to specifically raise funds for the MAC loan. Let’s take a significant bite out of that loan again this year. We will celebrate the results together when the Fall Festival is over.
God’s Joy,

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