Having to move fast today. Here are some important things you need to know:

We all smile a knowing smile at the very true statement we have all said many times, “All things at FUMC flow through Evelyn!” Lord knows that is very true. Evelyn does so many things for us in this place of grace. But now, it is our turn to do some things for her. She and her family are on Holy Ground with her Mother. We have given Evelyn the time she needs to be with her Mom and care for her family. Evelyn will be in and out. Hugs and cards are helpful - 400 conversations are not helpful. Your loving understanding is most appreciated. It is our turn to be a “place of grace” for her and her family. And yes, things won’t happen as well or as fast around here for a while. But it is the right thing to do.

Today is September 11. That date has profound meaning to us as a nation. Even though it has been 17 years, in so many ways, the wounds, the memories, are all still very present. Find time today to pray. Pray for God’s Will to become the prevalent will in our world. Pray for the families who still mourn that loss. Pray for the heroes - who saved so many that day. Pray without ceasing. I come back to our Scripture from Sunday where the resurrected Jesus said twice “Peace be with you.”

If you were intrigued by Kyle Freed’s Mission Moment on Sunday, remember to come to the Fellowship Hall at 6 pm for another organizational meeting regarding our efforts to form a Early response team that can travel into a storm zone to provide short term relief (never over more than 4 days at a time and many opportunities will be a few hours on one day as schedules permit.) We know the storms are coming. Our neighbors will need help.

God’s Love,
Pastor Mark

Orphanage Emmanuel:
Come take your vacation with God to Orphanage Emmanuel. Trip Date is January 5-12. The first organizational meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5 at 6:00 PM (room to be announced later). Additionally, you can contact Joe Tatman for more information at 2jtatman@gmail.com.

A special note about International Missions; as Acts 1:8 puts it “… to the ends of the Earth”. Travel costs can be a barrier for one of our own disciples to be a part of a team. Please consider this when you are nudged to give.

Wed Night Activities this week!
Dinner begins at 5 pm
Baked potato bar, salad and dessert
Children’s Ministry begins at 6 pm in the Fundamentals room (nursery available)
Youth (6th grade and up) at THE GATHERING begins at 6 pm in lower level of the MAC
Hand bells at 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall
United Methodism 101 in FIDELIS Sunday School Room (6 pm to 6:45 pm)
……………This Week’s UM101 topic is “What is the local UM Church Structured to Do?”
Choir rehearsal in the music room behind the Sanctuary at 7 pm

UMM Remind You to recycle your Aluminum Cans!
The small brown hut on the back side of our parking lot next to the UMM workshop is for bags of Aluminum cans. For simplicity, we would like to receive cans only. But start a recycle center for Aluminum cans in your home and when your trash bag of cans gets full, place it inside the unlocked hut with the others.

Judy Hair has moved. Her new address is 1594 John Smith Road East, Blairsville 30512.

The best link to official United Methodist Church Denominational (Global) news comes from a publication from the United Methodist Communications office that you can subscribe to at the following website umcom.org

On that web page, click the large “Subscribe box.” In the window that comes up, select Weekly Digest under United Methodist News. You then get a summary email from the United Methodist Church sent to you each week regarding the major developments in core stories around the globe. Among many other things, updates on the upcoming Special Session of General Conference in February will be found there. The North Georgia Conference Web site is a good source of continuous information as well - ngumc.org

Fall Festival News!!!
Volunteers Needed … Find Your Place!

A huge part of our Fall Festival each year is our BBQ LUNCH. United Methodist Men we need you to help serve on our BBQ team. We need a team of men to help in areas such as food prep, the serving line, table hosts, cashiers, and clean up. On Friday’s at the Festival we serve approx. 250 BBQ plates! On Saturday’s our average is 150 plates. Serving times are 11:00am - 1:30 on both days. Men we need you! Call Stan at the church to volunteer!

In our marketplace this year we will be having some new areas, expanding others, and of course keeping our most popular. But WE NEED HELP!! Read the following and find the place you can serve.

SILENT AUCTION ITEMS: We are still looking for some special auction items. We would like to have some college themed gift baskets to auction. We are collecting small college themed items to make up the baskets. We will start with UGA, Georgia Tech, and Florida baskets (unless there are items enough for another school). Also, we are looking for someone gifted in helping assemble the baskets. Contact Tricia Wallace if you can help.

GENERAL STORE: This is an area we will be expanding this year…so exciting! Think about any items you may find in a general store that you can donate…canned goods (we sold a lot of these last year!!), cookbooks, unique kitchen items (cast iron and such), utensils, sewing/crafting items, fabric items such as aprons, dish towels, candles, scented items, homemade soaps/lotions, bird houses, baskets, etc. Get the idea? Contact: Eileen Nichols at 561-635-6130, or Tricia Wallace.

CRAFTERS ROW: CRAFTERS NEEDED! Anyone needing tables for their craft items just let us know. We will again be displaying similar items together to save on tables and space. If there is something you LOVE to make, bring it! You don’t need a full table of items. REMEMBER even just a few items, makes a great impact when put all together. You don’t have to make 50 to be helpful (well, other than scrubbies, never enough of those). PLEASE include a recommended selling price. … Contact Tricia Wallace.

CRAFT DEMONSTRATIONS: This was an idea from last year!! We had one of our resident artists set-up and paint over the two days and we had a wonderful response. This year we would like to have more of our artists and crafters demonstrating their skills during the Festival. Weavers, Chair Caners, Needle Crafters, Painters, Woodcarvers, Quilters, etc…It would be really nice if at your table you could have a few items to sale (but not required) People love to see you work. Contact Stan Wallace if you can help.

CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER!! Yes… A new Christmas corner is coming this year so begin digging in your Christmas closet, attic or storage room. We are looking for anything Christmas that is in good shape and working. Nativity sets, home decor, pillows, dishes, fabric/quilted items, trees, ornaments, wrapping paper, bows, tags, etc. ALSO, this will be an area we will begin setting up on the Monday before the sale. We will need a lot of help that week! Contact Tricia Wallace if you could serve as a helper for her that week!

BAKERY: Homemade cookies, brownies, pies and cakes are always needed. Sugar free / gluten free and children friendly are always a good idea. THE BIG NEED IS ALSO yummy LAYERED CAKES!!! Items can be brought to the church anytime on Thursday October 11th or before. We have freezer space available here at the church for your Bakery items if you want to bake early.

SWEET SHOPPE: Our Sweet Shoppe each year is sponsored by the United Methodist Women’s Morning Glory Circle. For more information about the “Sweet Shoppe” contact Linda Roberson at 7400roberson@gmail.com

Also, remember our TREASURE SALE (collecting your yard sale items on Friday’s at the annex from 9am-11am)
& CLOTHES CLOSET (accepting your slightly used clothes on Tuesday’s and Friday’s from 9am-11am in the Fellowship Hall).

You can bring Marketplace items to Stan’s office anytime or to the Small Dining Room the week of festival set-up. Festival dates are Friday, October 12th 9am-4pm & Saturday, October 13th 9am-2pm WOW!! Exciting stuff!!! THANK YOU and Remember… “ It’s all hands on deck !”

Contact phone #’s…

Stan Wallace 229-326-0644
Tricia Wallace 229-402-9361

Connectional Group 1 Shared Worship Service at FUMC - Wed, Sept 19
The 8 UMC’s of Towns County and Union County hold a shared worship service each year. The service is on a Wednesday night this year at FUMC. One of the best preachers in the North Georgia Conference is our guest preacher (Rev. Dr. Alice Rogers - our new Gainesville District Superintendent.) Our worship service will happen in the Sanctuary at 5:30 pm. The eight churches are doing a Turkey & Dressing potluck dinner in the MAC for everyone who wishes to stay for dinner at 6:30 pm. Each church is bringing specific parts of the meal. Ro & the Robinettes are doing the turkey on our behalf. The meal is free. If you have a dish you would like to make - feel free to bring it. One church has desserts, another church has salads, another church has stuffings, and so one. Come worship God with Rev. Dr Alice Rogers, Jeff and Keith, and our Connectional Group Lay leadership team that night.

A “Traveling Gift Shop” is something new from the Morning Glory Circle for our congregation to find small UM items like bookmarks, key rings, coins and jewelry that they might want for themselves or want to purchase as gifts. The MGC Traveling Gift Shop hours are: Sunday, 9:20 am to 9:40 am and 10:45 am to 10:55 am in the narthex. Look for Alice O’Rourke or another member sitting next to a small display case waiting for you to view and select your items.

FUMC MISSIONS FAIR: On Sunday November 18th our church would once again like to shine a spotlight on all the Missions and Ministry operating within our congregation so that members can easily find a place to serve. If you are an advocate for a Mission or Ministry and would like to be included in this event, please email Kim Tatman now in order to have your service included in the literature and planning.

Night to Shine event will be held here at FUMC again next February.

“The atmosphere is charged with God’s love! I have never been anywhere other than the Night to Shine where there has been as many smiles and promotion of God’s unconditional love for everyone. This energy lingers on past the Night to Shine event. Community connections are made and friendships are formed that last far beyond the night of the Night to Shine. I am of the opinion that the Night to Shine is the closest experience I have ever had to what Heaven will be like. Disabilities, and we all have them; will not matter, as we will be wrapped up in the arms and love of Jesus for eternity! What a day that will be!”

Financial donations are needed to host such a huge event. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration.

Would you like to be a volunteer for Night to Shine – February 8, 2019? In the coming weeks - watch for a general on-line link to register as a volunteer.

Lastly, but most important…we are looking for many subcommittee leaders. If you would like to be involved in the planning please contact Kim & Joe Tatman.

Prayer Concerns and Celebrations:
May LOVE REIGN over fear, hate, and violence in the world
Those in the path of the tropical storms / hurricanes
Our military families
The two UMC related agencies in our neighborhood (YHC & Branan Lodge)
Church Without Walls (CWOW’S) - Suches, GA
Our entire staff team and their families
All our expecting “Mommies to be”
All those with Alzheimers/Dementia related struggles
Red Bird Adult Mission Team (Kenny Engle from our church)
Ron Schultz - on way home now - did not install pain device - instead, surgically corrected pinched nerve on L3 vertebrae - needs time to heal
Dot MacFarlane - recent passing of Ian - service was Sunday in Atlanta
Carl Neuhaus - shingles
Lee Dunham- surgery related infection on foot
JoAnn Strickland - hip replacement was completed this morning - went well - still in hospital - Northside Cumming
Helen Douyllie - recovering from hip surgery
Goodwin Bryan - traveling home today from leg procedure at Yale last week
Glen Boland’s sister - (Ruth) - cancer
Ruth Stefko’s daughter Dawn - general health (fell again)
Joan Shaw - sister Jackie - cancer diagnosis
Bart & Richard Hoibraten - step mother in CA in hospice
Janet Dittus - upcoming replacement knee surgery - Sept 17 - Murphy Hospital
Margie Bowron - general health
Dee Freed’s father (Kenneth Newman) - colon cancer has spread
Jim Arthur - great to see Jim in Church Sunday - remember, he can’t shake hands yet - recovering from open heart surgery
Rod McClarnon - cardiac concerns and needed eye surgery
Pat Patchin - healing and stability on that new hip
Judy Haygood - cardiac ablation went well - should be home today
David Steed - great to see David in the Choir loft Sunday! New knee and all!
Claudia Dupree - general health (and health of her Daughter Jenny)
George Houdeshel - general health
Kerry Rittenhouse - Mother on chemo
Rev. Harold Smith - now home with Janice - doing in-home therapy
Phil Sallings - general health
Shannon Burgess two nephews (Luke - pancreas & Matt - colon cancer) - and brother in law (Steve) - cancer
Kathy Zimmerman’s sister (Alice Pollert) - cancer related treatments / procedures
Shirley Cobb/Eva Breedlove/Carol Warren/ Kim Kuykendall – chronic back/neck/pain issues.

Through us God will reach people, touch souls, change hearts, and launch disciples (that’s Church!)

A Note from Your Finance Team

Thank you for your faithfulness! Every dollar is appreciated. We are thankful. Your Finance Team will be meeting this week to review our YTD finances and confirmation of our ministry plan to finish the year. Our current annualized giving pace (36 weeks into the 52 week year) is $1,074,683. We have a $1,100,000 2018 Ministry Plan. If you are in a place to help us reach that full plan level, please help in this fourth quarter. Our shared ministry is necessary and critically important.
………………. . …….Received……….. .YTD Received
September 2nd …….$32,658………………. $ 728,452
September 9th ……. $15,559………………..$ 744,011

Please continue to remember your Church in your legacy trusts & wills - that gift is also greatly appreciated!

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