FUMC of Union County has committed to sending a chainsaw team of 8 people (a combination of people who can saw and people who can tote heavy limbs that have been cut) November 9-12 (Friday thru Monday.) We have been invited by the South Georgia Conference Disaster Response Coordinator (Luis Morales) to a specific area near Bainbridge, GA. Friday and Monday are part travel days. Saturday and Sunday are full work days. South Georgia has waved the ERT certification card need for this specific area response.

People currently committed to this trip are David Kukendall, Kyle Freed, Mark Burgess, and Sam Wilson. Talk to any of them if you need more information to decide. Three of those are chainsaw people. David is certified by the UMC to teach Safe Chainsaw operation for the purpose of equipping UMC disaster response teams. David Kuykendall will be teaching a North Georgia Conference-approved Chainsaw operation and safety course on our church campus Friday, Nov. 2nd from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and Saturday, Nov. 3rd beginning at 8:30 am. There will be field demonstration and technique practice on the church campus. This course is a have-to to participate in disaster relief chainsaw work (including the trip November 9-12) with the United Methodist Church. You may also attend if you are interested in chainsaw safety for your own benefit or helping a saw operator clear limbs, move wood, etc…(but that is not required if you do not plan to touch a chainsaw.) If you’d like further information, please call David Kuykendall at 706 994 0384. He already has 10 people registered for that course.

We are in pretty good shape with chainsaw operators for this trip (could use one more) – but need several “non chainsaw operators” with strong healthy backs who can work in challenging conditions to haul cut limbs. Understand the conditions. There is no power. We will have to be 100% self sufficient for 4 days – bringing our own food and water. South Georgia is arranging a place for us to “camp out” during the night but those details will move as the trip approaches. You need to come prepared to “rough it” for 4 days – sleeping in sleeping bags on a floor somewhere. We will caravan down in multiple vehicles and one church van. You also need to be willing to sign the liability release form that we are preparing for this specific trip.

This trip is actually for everybody – whether you are the 8 who go or all the rest who will be here as our prayer warriors praying for us up while we are away and praying for all the people who have been hit by Hurricanes Florence and Michael. We will take the first four people who volunteer that meet the requirements above (regardless if you have talked to one of us before – now we have the details fixed – so first four qualified who respond to this email will get to go.)

Continue to pray for Operation BBQ – they continue to feed tens of thousands of displaced people free meals in the impacted areas (having moved their operational focus away from the Carolinas into Florida.)

There is also another way we can serve. The North Georgia Conference has a Disaster response supplies warehouse on one of our church campuses in Atlanta. They need teams of people to come for a day (bring a bag lunch) to help verify flood buckets and hygiene health kits before they are sent out to the affected areas. Basically, you open up the flood buckets and hygiene kits and make certain they are stocked properly. If you have a team of people interested in doing this for a day, I have directions and contact person for you to schedule your team through at the large warehouse located at IMPACT UMC. If a team goes, you can even bring back free buckets stacked in the Warehouse for local churches to turn into Flood buckets down the road. The warehouse has been stocked and is a staging area for supplies being routed where ever they need to go.

“Do all the good you can.”

God’s Peace,

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