The staff team story this week is Evelyn. She fell while riding her bike (the cover story is she did this while riding into a burning building to save multiple children and puppies…) while on a family vacation in Florida. She broke her right wrist severely enough to require immediate surgery in Florida. Plates and screws later, they have put our beloved Evelyn back together again. She is in need of time to heal. I am so thankful for Lisa Wilson covering last week for Evelyn and I am also so very thankful that Evelyn is going to work “some” this week at reduced hours to help us do church together. Let this be a “PLACE OF GRACE” during Evelyn’s time of healing. This was a very severe break on both bones. We won’t be as fast as we have been in responding to the normal pace but we will be thankful that “E” is healing properly and we will do nothing to mess that up or delay it. She has been temporarily decommissioned from “operating a church while on an office ball.” I remind everyone that one of Paul’s nine Spirit gifts listed in Galations is “gentleness.” Let’s be “gentle” until she recovers. She could be doing her recovery entirely at home. I am thankful she is here. Be thankful with me.

A second staff team announcement was our opportunity to welcome Rev. Mike Cloyd in worship this last Sunday as our new Director of Pastoral Care. You can read more details about this exciting new role in Evelyn’s Monthly newsletter that went out today. WELCOME MIKE!
God’s Peace,

Welcome New Members!
Barbara Delli-Veneri 74 Cypress Edge Drive, Blairsville
Ray and Cathy Bergreen 1305 Forest Drive, Blairsville

Wednesday Night Nurture - Cinco de Mayo meal by the Men
This is a fundraiser by the UMM in support of our FUMC grass cutting ministry. Come show your support for those who freely, freely give of their time to maintain our 33 acre campus. TACO NIGHT!!!!
FREE Overflow Concert at 6 pm in the MAC (Nursery provided)
At the Concert, our Youth will also be offering baked goods as a fundraiser for their missions activities ahead.

Handbells 6:00 pm
Choir 7:00 pm
Fundamentals will still happen at 6 pm (and Nursery)
No adult program this night - everyone, come enjoy the concert!

Get Ready to ROAR for VBS!
Emily Stafford and Susan Forrester will be co-leading this year’s Vacation Bible School event June 23-27. If you would like to register as a volunteer or to register your child as a participant you can do so on our church website home page and click on the ROAR registration link. Our web site is:

Congrats High School Graduates:
If you have a youth graduating from High School this year, please send us their name and picture so we can celebrate them on Promotion Sunday in worship May 19 - the last Sunday before Union County High School is out for the year!

Is God leading you to be part of a mission team?
Have you ever considered joining a mission team? If you have thought about either of these questions then we have several opportunities for you. You may have read in past announcements that our church is organizing two mission trips this year. The first trip is our annual trek to Red Bird Missions in Kentucky. The dates for this trip are: September 8-14th. The second mission trip this year is to Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras. The dates for this trip are: October 12-19th. If you would like more information on either of these trips please let me know via email: and I will have the leaders of these trips contact you.

If you want to get involved with either of these mission trips but are unable to join the team, we have other ways you can be part of the team. We are looking for volunteers to sign up to be a prayer partner for each person attending these trips. As a prayer partner, you will pray daily for the team and a specific member of the team. This role includes providing a card/letter for each day of the trip for your mission team partner. We will collect these cards/letters form each prayer partner prior to the trip and distribute them daily to each member. As a member of a mission team, receiving letters from other folks from home each day provides a connection and reminder that they are always covered in prayer. Please consider signing up for this important act of love to the members of these mission trips. I promise you if you have never done this before, you will be blessed more than you can imagine and your mission partner will be very grateful knowing someone back home is specifically praying for them as they show the love of Jesus to others on their trip. Please contact me with any questions or to sign up at: or (978)886-1783. We will provide more details as the teams are being built and we get closer to the trips. Thank you for your consideration to be part of our mission teams this year.

Calling All Cooks! Ready! Set ! Go!
You may now submit 2 of your favorite recipes by one of two ways:
Online Under the typersanc tab
Username: Fall FestFun
Passcode: salt092
Submit your personally handwritten recipe on teh recipe collection sheet provided at the MAC desk. Place your recipe in the collection box located in the narthex or at the MAC desk. We’ll happily enter them for you.

Our goal is to have all recipe submissions no later than July 1st. Our goal is to have church presale orders be completed and cooksbooks available for our Fall Festival in October.

Your Fall Festival Fundraiser Cookbook Team:
Eileen Nichols (561) 635-6130
Barb Hahn (706) 835 1289
Carol Engler

Prayer Quilt Ministry:
There are prayer quilts in the chapel ready to receive prayers - please stop in , pray for the specific situation listed on the quilt and tie a knot for each prayer you pray.

Did you know we recycle aluminum cans?
There is a shed across from the annex where you can drop off your aluminum. The Methodist Men use this means of fundraising to offset lawn maintenance costs. Your help is appreciated!

Prayer Concerns and Celebrations:
May LOVE REIGN over fear, hate, and violence in our world
Sri Lanka
Our military families
The two UMC related agencies in our neighborhood (YHC & Branan Lodge)
Our Church Without Walls (CWOW’S) - Suches, GA
Our entire staff team and their extended families
All our expecting “Mommies to be”
All those with Alzheimers/Dementia related struggles
YHC College Finals this week and Next
All the Pastoral Families moving & all the congregations in transition
John Hahn - recent cancer diagnosis
Evelyn Ueltzen - wrist healing
Rhonda Schlienger - poor kidney function - prepping for dialysis
Lee Dunham - upcoming procedure to improve foot circulation
Gary Marshall - gall bladder surgery May 7th
Sally Wiley - recent passing of her son (Karen’s brother)
Deputy Todd Smith - was back with us again Sunday (cardiac event recovery)
David Steed - recovering from combo surgery Shoulder & knee
JoAnn Mayhew - moved to Chatuge hospital in Hiawassee
Joyce Byers son (Justin Byers) - cardiac concern to ER today
Kathy Hyer - general health
Mitzi Gasaway - recovery from surgery
Heidi Hall’s husband (Bill) - recovery from surgery
John Vogeley - in Florida ER during move from Blairsville
Maggie Guerrier - general health and back on kidney transplant list
Susan Forrester’s brother Bobby - general health
Glen Boland - under hospice care at home
Gary Marshall - upcoming gall bladder surgery May 7
Bob Taylor - chronic neck and back pain
Bill Gleasure - general health
Deidra Gilbert’s Mother in Mississippi - lung cancer
June Colditz - undergoing treatments for lymphoma
Carole Thompson - general health
Camille Higginbotham - general health
Helen Owenby - general health
Nisia Redgrave - Chatuge Rehab (Green 27)
Sonya Alexander Cristofaro sister (Linda) - radiation treatments
Larry Culpepper’s sister - general health
Dee Freed’s father (Kenneth Newman) - colon cancer
George Houdeshel - general health
Kerry Rittenhouse - Mother on chemo
Rev. Harold Smith - home with Janice - doing in-home therapy
Shannon Burgess brother in law (Steve) - cancer
Eva Breedlove/Carol Warren – chronic back/neck/pain issues.

Through us God will reach people, touch souls, change hearts, and launch disciples (that’s Church!)

A Note from Your Finance Team

………………. . …… .Received……….. .YTD Received
April 7th………….$ 36,840……………..$343,317
April 14th ……….$ 21,805……………..$365,122
April 21st………..$ 23,135……………..$388,257
April 28th………..$ 15,047……………..$403,305

Please continue to remember your Church in your legacy trusts & wills - that gift is also greatly appreciated!

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