This will be my last Tuesday Tickle to my beloved FUMC Faith Family. We are reorganizing the tickle. From this point forward, Evelyn will do the new members addresses, Wednesday Night Nurture plan, and weekly giving report numbers. Our Director of Pastoral Care (Rev. Mike Cloyd) will manage the tickle prayer list. Stan will manage the events (so send your event info to Stan if you wish for it to be in the tickle.) That leaves the Introductory paragraph for Pastor Don or one of our staff team or ministry leaders each week. Here are the emails you need to send your stuff to for it to find its way into the weekly tickle:
God’s Peace,

Do you Worship At THE WELL?
We need volunteer help in several facets of preparing for worship during the week and executing worship on Sunday morning in this service. Most of these roles are rotation kind of roles - serving one week out of four. Some are weekly and less time consuming. Some of these roles are coordination from home via email. Worship is the work of the people. If you have yet to find a place to be in service to God inside the church, perhaps this is your opportunity. Respond by email if you are interested in helping people COME TO THE WELL to:
Just don’t wait too long - we need help now. If you connect with me, I will go through our list of needs to see if any might be THE PERFECT place for you to serve God. I want us to be in a position of profound volunteer strength when Don comes - help us be there!

Welcome New Members!
Nina Landers 206 Beacon Hill, Blairsville
Nancy and Robert Woods 874 Wesley Mountain Drive, Blairsville

Wednesday Night suppers and programs are suspended til August.

Relay For Life - Union County Farmers Market
May 31 (4 pm - 10 pm) Come be with our awesome FUMC team anytime across the afternoon and evening!

Get Ready to ROAR for VBS!
Emily Stafford and Susan Forrester will be co-leading this year’s Vacation Bible School event June 23-27. If you would like to register as a volunteer or to register your child as a participant you can do so on our church website home page and click on the ROAR registration link. Our web site is:

This Saturday the county will be having our annual Memorial Day Parade at 10:00 am. Our own FUMC member Veteran Ron Taylor will be the Grand Marshall. Come and give a shout out to Ron as he passes by.

Men’s Bible Study Attendees, grace and peace to you brothers by way of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
The class has elected to break for the Summer for June and July. Our first session after the break will be Tuesday, August 6. This means there will be two sessions left before the break, May 21 and 28. During those sessions I will attempt to get us through 1 Corinthians. We will begin in August with 2 Corinthians. Please help me by telling Paul Giaconellie and Richard York if you see them. Thanks!
If anyone has questions or concerns about this schedule please see me ASAP! See you on the 21st.

Prayer Concerns and Celebrations:
May LOVE REIGN over fear, hate, and violence in our world
Our military families
The two UMC related agencies in our neighborhood (YHC & Branan Lodge)
Our Church Without Walls (CWOW’S) - Suches, GA
Our entire staff team and their extended families
All our expecting “Mommies to be” - four that we know of right now!
All those with Alzheimers/Dementia related struggles
All the Pastoral Families moving & all the congregations in transition
Rev. Don Landen (Heather and Wesley) - our inbound pastoral family
JoAnn & Gene Strickland - daughter Debbie home with hospice care
Maime Rogers (and rest of the family) - recent passing of Ray Rogers
Bill Mollnhauer - broken leg
Margie Richards - recovering at home from procedure
John Hahn - throat cancer related treatments
Evelyn Ueltzen - wrist healing
Rhonda Schlienger - poor kidney function - prepping for dialysis
Lee Dunham - healing, improved circulation, and breath
Greg Lane’s - Greg’s Father health issues
JoAnn Mayhew - moved back home, doing in-home therapy
Kathy Hyer - upcoming procedure May 31
Heidi Hall’s husband (Bill) - beginning chemo treatments today
Maggie Guerrier - beginning process for consideration for Kidney transplant
Susan Forrester’s brother Bobby - general health
Glen Boland - under hospice care at home
Bob Taylor - pain relief
Bill Gleasure - general health
Deidra Gilbert’s Mother in Mississippi - lung cancer
June Colditz - undergoing treatments for lymphoma
Carole Thompson - general health
Camille Higginbotham - general health
Helen Owenby - general health
Nisia Redgrave - Chatuge Rehab (Green 27)
Sonya Alexander Cristofaro sister (Linda) - radiation treatments
Larry Culpepper’s sister - general health
Dee Freed’s father (Kenneth Newman) - colon cancer
George Houdeshel - general health
Kerry Rittenhouse - Mother on chemo
Rev. Harold Smith - home with Janice - doing in-home therapy
Shannon Burgess brother in law (Steve) - cancer
Eva Breedlove/Carol Warren – chronic back/neck/pain issues.

Through us God will reach people, touch souls, change hearts, and launch disciples (that’s Church!)

A Note from Your Finance Team

………………. . …… .Received……….. .YTD Received
May 5th…………..$30,048………………$ 433,353
May 12th…………$17,831………………$ 451,184
May 19th…………$20,407………………$ 471,591

Please continue to remember your Church in your legacy trusts & wills - that gift is also greatly appreciated!

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