Who Is Coming to Your Funeral?
It seems as though I have attended a lot of funerals lately. There are two happening this week. Last Thursday I traveled to Mississippi to attended the funeral of my only Aunt. I had not seen Aunt Rose in many years and in speaking to my cousins I had to apologize for not staying in better touch with them. My brother and sisters were unable to attend so I was glad I went. I always remember the words of that famous philosopher Yogi Berra who said… “ Always go to other peoples funerals; otherwise they won’t go to yours.”

At funerals I try to reflect on two things. First, the soul of the one who has passed on. I knew Aunt Rose had placed her trust in the Lord many years ago and that she was in His presence experiencing perfect healing, perfect peace, perfect love, and perfect joy. Secondly, I always remember the effect Jesus had on the funerals He attended. The Bible tells us that Jesus attended three funerals and that He ruined all three. In Luke 7 as Jesus approaches the city of Nain, He meets a funeral procession. The dead young man was in his coffin. The pallbearers were leading the procession as they carried the young man out of the town. Behind the casket came the young man’s grieving mother. She had no family members to help or support her, so close friends were escorting her as she wept. They had all of their funeral arrangements made, and were going out to finish the service by burying the young man in the family tomb. In verse 13 it says Jesus “saw the mother and had compassion on her” and said to her “do not weep.” Then Jesus said to the dead man “arise” and the dead man sat up and began to speak. Jesus comes along and ruins this perfectly good funeral! Then there was the funeral of Jairus’ daughter. You can read about that one in Luke 8. And who can forget Lazarus? His funeral had been over for four days. You can read about that one in John 11.

So Jesus went to three funerals, and He ruined all three. You know how they were ruined? All three funerals ended in resurrection. That’s what makes Christian funerals different from any other kind of funeral. Jesus comes to meet death, your death and mine, head on. And when He meets death, He conquers it, for you and for me. Let’s thank God today that Jesus comes to ruin our funerals. Why? so that we can have life with Him through all eternity.

I’m glad Jesus is coming to my funeral. Hope He is coming to yours.

Press on! StanNEW Summer Hours for the MAC and Church Office…
Please Note! MAC and Church Office hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and Friday 8am-Noon.

Memorial Service for Debbie, JoAnn and Gene Strickland’s daughter, is this Thursday at 1 pm here in the sanctuary. They will visit with friends after the service.

FUMC Red Cross Blood Drive
Sunday, June 16 9am – 1pm
in the Fellowship Hall
There are 3 ways to schedule a time to give blood…
Go to redcrossblood.org , call 1-800-733-2767
or call Nancy at 706-745-4870
Please give! There is an URGENT need for blood right now.
Sponsored by the FUMC Parish Nurse Ministry

COOKBOOK UPDATE!!! As of today we do not have the required amount of recipes to go forward with the cookbook… Please don’t wait until the deadline. FUMC is creating a custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our local and extended church family. These cookbooks will be professionally published and are sure to be a treasured keepsake for us all. All proceeds from the sale of the cookbooks will go toward retiring the MAC debt! We are asking you to submit 2-3 of your favorite recipes so you can be represented in our cookbook. There Are Two Ways To Submit Your Recipes…

To Submit Recipes Online (very easy): Go to www.typensave.com and click ‘Login.’ / Enter the User Name: FallFestFun / Enter the password: salt092 and click ‘Submit.’ / Enter your name and email address and click “Save” / Click ‘Add Recipes’ and you are ready to begin.

To Submit Recipes To The Church: At the MAC desk or in the Sanctuary narthex you will find Recipe Collection Sheets. Take a sheet and write your recipe, following the instruction listed. Drop the completed sheet in the labeled box.
Deadline for submitting recipes is July 1st (but please don’t wait until the last minute). Completed cookbooks will be available this Fall. For any questions contact Eileen Nichols at 561-635-6130 (leave a message).

“Labor of Love” Outreach Ministry Team:
The mission of our Labor of Love” Outreach Ministry is to equip the church to extend love through service to our neighbors here in Union County. We do this by recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to do acts of service in the community. Our new “Labor of Love” Outreach Ministry Team Coordinator Wayne Jones is in the process of creating a list of those that are interested in helping with Labor of Love projects. Wayne is attempting to match needs with the people who can help meet those needs. If you would like to get emails about future “Labor of Love” projects send your contact info to Wayne Jones at wayne_jones@sbcglobal.net

Youth Fundraising for Honduras Trip:
There is a growing dream among our youth to take a trip to Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras in October during Fall break. The fundraising wall is moving all around the church. It’s the big wall on wheels with numbered letters on it. If you take one letter and place the dollar amount in the envelop and place back in the offering plate or church office, you will be participating in making that trip a reality for several youth. Seek out this wall of grace – it usually sits in the Narthex or MAC desk area. Give them the chance to share the love of Christ without words (to children who speak Spanish!)

Calling All Young-At-Heart… Chattanooga Southern Belle Riverboat…Senior Lunch Cruise! Tuesday, July 9th… Join us on this special cruise as we go down the lazy Tennessee river. Included is the riverboat’s famous slow cooked Prime Rib & Lemon Basil Chicken lunch. There will also be live entertainment playing good old favorites… plus free bingo! Grab a friend and come along! Cost is $35.00 per person and includes transportation and cruise. We will leave the church at 8:00am and return at approx. 5:30pm .Sign up by bringing the full amount to the church office. Registration deadline is Monday, July 1st Space is limited so reserve a spot early!

Do you Worship At THE WELL?
We need volunteer help in several facets of preparing for worship during the week and executing worship on Sunday morning in this service. Most of these roles are rotation kind of roles - serving one week out of four. Some are weekly and less time consuming. Some of these roles are coordination from home via email. Worship is the work of the people. If you have yet to find a place to be in service to God inside the church, perhaps this is your opportunity. Respond by email if you are interested in helping people COME TO THE WELL to: blairsvillefumcstan@gmail.com
Just don’t wait too long - we need help now. If you connect with me, I will go through our list of needs to see if any might be THE PERFECT place for you to serve God.

Coming Events @ FUMC

June 16……….. Blood Drive
June 16-22…… Youth Mission Trip to
Redbird Mission, KY
June 23……….. Welcome Reception for
Pastor Don Landen & Family
June 23-27….. Vacation Bible School
June 30………. .Pastor Don Landen’s 1st Sunday in the Pulpit
July 1……………Church Cookbook Recipes Due
July 4……………Community Celebration & Fireworks

Welcome New Member!
Emma Lander (daughter of Ilke and Bob Lander) 366 Paradise Road, 30512

            Get Ready to ROAR for VBS!
Emily Stafford and Susan Forrester will be co-leading this year’s Vacation Bible School event June 23-27. If you would like to register as a volunteer or to register your child as a participant you can do so on our church website home page and click on the ROAR registration link. Our web site is:

Men’s Bible Study Attendees, we are on summer break. See you in August.

Prayer Concerns and Celebrations:
May LOVE REIGN over fear, hate, and violence in our world
Our military families
The two UMC related agencies in our neighborhood (YHC & Branan Lodge)
Our Church Without Walls (CWOW’S) - Suches, GA
Our entire staff team and their extended families
All our expecting “Mommies to be” - four that we know of right now!
All those with Alzheimers/Dementia related struggles
All the Pastoral Families moving & all the congregations in transition
Rev. Don Landen (Heather and Wesley) - our inbound pastoral family
JoAnn & Gene Strickland - daughter Debbie ‘s passing, service Thursday
Lois Ward- recovering from broken pelvis, UG Nursing Home Room 221A
Bill Mollnhauer - broken leg
Lee Dunham - artery cleaned out
Margie Richards - recovering at home from procedure
John Hahn - throat cancer related treatments
Evelyn Ueltzen - wrist healing
Rhonda Schlienger - poor kidney function - prepping for dialysis
Greg Lane’s - Greg’s Father health issues
JoAnn Mayhew - moved back home, doing in-home therapy
Kathy Heyer - recovering
Heidi Hall’s husband (Bill) - undergoing chemo treatments
Maggie Guerrier - beginning process for consideration for Kidney transplant
Susan Forrester’s brother Bobby - general health
Glen Boland - under hospice care at home
Bob Taylor - pain relief
Bill Gleasure - general health
Deidra Gilbert’s Mother in Mississippi - lung cancer
June Colditz - undergoing treatments for lymphoma
Carole Thompson - general health
Camille Higginbotham - general health
Helen Owenby - general health
Nisia Redgrave - Chatuge Rehab (Green 27)
Sonya Alexander Cristofaro sister (Linda) - radiation treatments
Larry Culpepper’s sister - general health
Dee Freed’s father (Kenneth Newman) - colon cancer
George Houdeshel - general health
Kerry Rittenhouse - Mother on chemo
Rev. Harold Smith - home with Janice - doing in-home therapy
Shannon Burgess brother in law (Steve) - cancer
Eva Breedlove/Carol Warren – chronic back/neck/pain issues.

Through us God will reach people, touch souls, change hearts, and launch disciples (that’s Church!)

A Note from Your Finance Team

………………. . …… .Received……….. .YTD Received
June 2nd………..$ 26,484 ………………. $520,169

Please continue to remember your Church in your legacy trusts & wills - that gift is also greatly appreciated!

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