It was a great day of worship this past Sunday. Outdoor evening worship was a blast! We should do that again sometime.
I will have Bible study this evening rain or shine. Bring a chair or blanket and a Bible (and bug spray if needed). We’ll meet on the hill where we did last week unless it is raining. In that case, we’ll meet under the narthex portico. We’ll be looking at Matthew 18:21-35.
An outdoor prayer service is being planned for the near future. Stay tuned for details.
Have a great rest of the week.
Grace and Peace.
Wednesday Nights Are ON!
Adult Bible Study is meeting at 6 pm on the hill (weather permitting) or under the
Narthex portico
The Children’s MInistry is meeting at 6 pm under the MAC portico
The Youth Ministry will begin meeting in the lower level MAC parking lot NEXT Wednesday, 23rd.
YHC Chapel Snacks
We are collecting snacks for YHC students. You may drop off any donations at the office door with curbside service.
We prayerfully and urgently ask you to stop and take a few minutes to offer prayers for the name(s) listed below. Prayers are powerful no matter how offered! Knots on the quilts still will be tied by friends and family on the other end of the journey and will give the recipient further support and thankfulness.
This week’s requests:
Tim McClure - triple bypass surgery soon, also a diabetic. He is a friend of Aurore Miller.
JJ Southard- left paralyzed a massive stroke along with other losses. He is a family friend of Pat Clay.
Philippians 4:6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
For any questions or information or requests, please call Margaret Frizzell 706-745-3197.
Please Help Us at the church by keeping us informed of any sickness or procedures that you or any of our members may be experiencing. Thank you! You can contact our Director of Pastoral Care, Rev. Mike Cloyd at or call the church office @ 706-745-2073.
Prayer Concerns and Celebrations:
Please help us keep this list updated by notifying the office or Mike Cloyd of any changes. With us not gathering right now, we don’t always hear the latest.
May LOVE REIGN over fear, hate, and violence in our world
  • Our healthcare workers and first responders who are working on the frontlines of COVID-19
  • Our military families
  • The two UMC related agencies in our neighborhood (YHC & Branan Lodge)
  • Our Church Without Walls (CWOW’S) - Suches, GA
  • Our Church staff team and their extended families
  • All those with Alzheimers/Dementia related struggles
  • BL Anderson’s brother Charles- stage 4 cancer and receiving chemotherapy
  • Margie Bowron - general health
  • Shannon Burgess brother in law (Steve) - cancer, nephew Luke in need of back surgery & financing
  • Joyce Byers - needs to make decision regarding severe back pain
  • Joyce Byers’ brother-in-law James - in ICU with possible heart attack
  • Avery Cartwright - 1 year old who had 2 tumors removed and is on chemo treatments
  • Sonya Cristofaro- healing from a broken pelvis
  • Jennifer de la Montagne’s mom - health concerns
  • Claudia de Prez- some lymph nodes showing concerns
  • Jesse Eady - kidney issues
  • Dee Freed’s father (Kenneth Newman) - continued treatments for colon cancer
  • Tom Gilbert - crushed fingers, had surgery
  • Gwen Graphman’s father,George Green, passed away
  • Maggie Guerrier - beginning process for consideration for Kidney transplant
  • Dan Healy - chemotherapy for bladder cancer
  • Tom/Dee Heuker’s daugher Kristen - stage 3 liver cancer
  • Kathy Heyer - heart issues
  • George Houdeshel - general health
  • Miki Johnson (Laura Wilcher’s mom) - recovering from surgery
  • Kitty Jones - health concerns
  • Robin Lambert (Bette Ivy’s daughter) - breast cancer
  • Greg Lane - health issues
  • Baby Marianne - health improving, tubes removed, home soon
  • Judy McCorkle - liver failing
  • Roger McGlen - upcoming gall bladder surgery
  • Alice Neal - health issues, no diagnosis yet
  • Ray Norwood - health issues
  • Rose Oberlin’s mother Letha Hicks - back in Legacy Memory Care Facility in Thomasville under hospice care
  • Jeannie PIckerill - severe back pain
  • Nisia Redgrave - Chatuge Rehab (Green 27)
  • Delores Richards - on hospice care
  • Margie Richards - breathing issues, hospitalized last week
  • Billie Roach - hospitalized with pneumonia and other complications
  • Ro Robbins - torn rotator cuff
  • Larry Rosenberry - recovering from knee replacement surgery
  • Shirley Smith - recovering from COVID at home
  • David Steed - recovering from back surgery
  • Hugh Stone -recovering from heart surgery
  • JoAnn Strickland - home, yet continuing afib and heart issues
  • Bob Taylor - transferred to Chatuge Nursing Home
  • Ron/Pauline Taylor’s son Ronnie - has a tumor
  • Janice Taylor’s husband Rob Taylor- recently diagnosed with leukemia, having treatments
  • Tammy Tucker’s mom Pat - very sick with pneumonia
  • Stan Wallace’s sister Sharon - flooded from hurricane
  • Carol Warren – chronic back issues
  • Lee and Cindy Weitzel’s son Nick - on dialysis 5 days/week
  • Roy Whitelock- health issues
  • Sharon Willits - general health
  • Lisa Wilson’s friend Jason - electrical accident, many broken bones and burns
  • Sam Wilson - blood clot in leg; home now on blood thinners
  • Peggy Wood - recovering from surgery
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A Note from Your Finance Team
………………. . …… . Received……….. .YTD Received
September 6th $24,340……………….$ 648,415
September 13th $15,898……………….$ 664,313
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