Thank you to everyone for your patience, prayers and faithfulness during this time of change and discernment. As indicated on Tuesday night, below is a schedule which has been developed to address the United Methodist matters ahead of us:
Sunday, November 20, 2022    “In House” Townhall Meeting presented by the Discernment Team
Sunday, November 27, 2022    Townhall Meeting with Rev. Dr. Douglas Gilreath, Northeast District Superintendent
December 2022                             This is Advent Season where we reflect on preparing our hearts and homes for Christ’s birth. It is a time for faith communities and families to remember, through prayer, reflections, special music, and good deeds what the true meaning of Jesus’ birth is. So please take the Advent season to consider how we commemorate the birth of Jesus.
Early January 2023                        Townhall Meeting addressing Disaffiliation
Early January 2023                        Townhall Meeting addressing Remaining United Methodist (“non” disaffiliation”)
Late January 2023                         Church Council meeting to determine whether to proceed with application to disaffiliate, or to remain United Methodist (remaining requires no further action)
February 28, 2023                         Deadline for submission to District Superintendent of application for disaffiliation
After March 1, 2023                     District Superintendent schedules church conference
May 31 to June 3, 2023               North Georgia United Methodist Church Annual Conference to consider all applications for disaffiliation
All Townhall meetings will be held in the MAC. Also, they will all be recorded and available for viewing on YouTube.
Please submit in writing any questions you may have and place them in the “treasure chest” either outside the MAC or outside the Sanctuary. In order to assure that the presenters are adequately prepared, all questions must be submitted no later than the Thursday prior to a Townhall meeting.

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