09-06-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday

Building good habits

In our constant pursuit to come closer to God, we are always on the lookout for tips to help us develop better habits and become more disciplined with our time with God. I came across an article by Holly Vicente Robaina in which she passes along tips from her sister Angela. I hope these are helpful for your own journey. Angela had some great tips on how she formed her good habit. Here are eight of them.

Schedule a devotional “appointment.” Write a specific time and location on your calendar or in your planner. You might choose a time that corresponds with another daily activity: after you get up in the morning, right after school, or immediately after dinner. Try to avoid putting devotions off until the end of the day. “If I wait until bedtime, I usually end up skipping it because I fall asleep,” Angela says.

Choose your tools. Some basics include: 1) A Bible. Biblegateway.com offers 16 versions for you to compare, from that classic King James Version to modern versions like The Message. Or, consider using a student or study Bible—many contain reading plans and practical ways to apply Scripture to everyday situations. 2) A devotional book. Some are specifically for students. Many have a “thought for the day” and questions to help you relate the verses you’ve read to your own life. 3) A journal. Use it to record your favorite verses and reflections on Scripture, or write a poem or letter to God.

Start with prayer. Ask God to keep you focused and to help you understand what you’re about to read. “Sometimes, my mind just starts to drift. I tell God I’ve set aside this time especially for him, and that I choose to focus on him,” Angela says.

Use your Bible. Even if you use a devotional book with verses printed in it, read the passages in your Bible anyway. “Prove it to yourself that it’s really there,” Angela suggests. “It helps you to think of that verse as part of God’s Word, and not as just an excerpt from some random book.” Plus, you might spot another meaningful verse that wasn’t included in the devotion.

Read it until you get it. First, read verse by verse — read each verse several times until you understand what it is saying, then move on to the next one. Then, go back and read the entire passage, putting its meaning all together. Even if you’re familiar with a passage, try to read it like you’ve never seen it before—don’t skim. God might give you an understanding of something you’ve never noticed before.

Don’t just read the Bible — do what it says (James 1:22). Make a list of personal traits (patience, kindness) or spiritual goals (witnessing, prayer) you’d like to work on. Each week, choose one from your list. Using a concordance, biblegateway.com or a devotional book, find verses about that topic. Then, try to find ways to apply what you read.

Make a commitment. On a piece of paper, write: “I commit to read my Bible every day for the next month.” Sign your name and tape the paper in your bedroom where you can see it.

Don’t give up. Let’s face it: There will be days when you skip devotions. Just try to keep it a high priority and do it whenever you can. “God is not going to abandon you if you don’t do a devotion one day—he knows what our schedules are like, and he knows our hearts,” Angela says. “Any time that you spend with God, he can use it to teach you and to grow your faith.”



We will have church supper TONIGHT, Sept. 6th beginning at 5 pm.

Menu: Barbeque, coleslaw, potato salad and dessert

Bible Studies will follow at 6 pm.

We urgently need a clean-up crew following church suppers. The Robinettes spend their time prepping, cooking and serving the meals for us. They need to tag team the clean-up though. If you are willing to help clear the tables, use the dishwasher and put things away PLEASE let the church office know.

Wednesday Night Bible Studies are meeting at 6 pm.

The youth and childen (MYF and Jr MYF) will meet in the downstairs

of the MAC.

Adults will meet in the Fundamental Room (below the fellowship hall).

Trip to Brasstown Bald

There are 4 slots left for the trip to Brasstown Bald on Tuesday, Sept. 19th. Cost is $8.00. If you are interested, please see Ingrid.


Welcome New Members

Linda Mercer


Cheryl Cecil

9:30 Service

Connie Schuster

11:00 Service

The Hoods

Debbie, James, Andrew and Elizabeth

11:00 Service

Billy Hood

11:00 Service

If you ordered a nametag, they have arrivied!!

Diane Kolb will be handing those out before all 3 services this Sunday.

CEC is revamping our children’s playground with brand new equipment and new “flooring”. Yet, we need help assembling the new playground equipment? We will be planning a work day, but anyone who can volunteer extra time to come would be greatly appreciated! If interested, please contact Jessica at 706-897-6621

Ladies, join us online for our Bible study in GENESIS.  We will begin online next Wednesday, September 13, at 10:30 am via Zoom.  Sign up at the narthex desk, contact doris eshelman@gmail.com or text 810-923-5795.   Study guide available through Amazon or most Bible bookstores.  If you need help with Zoom we will help you get started. You can use a phone, computer or pad.

“God of Creation”, Genesis 1-11.  Revisit familiar stories and historical figures, challenge your basic knowledge, and discover deeper meanings in the text. As God reveals Himself through Scripture, we can only begin to understand ourselves when we first glimpse the character, attributes, and promises of our Creator.

 CEC Tools for Schools

Please help our Children’s Enrichment Center at FUMC! Simply link your Ingles Advantage Card to our school. You can ask your friends & family to link their cards, too. Then, each time you shop at Ingles, your purchase is automatically credited to our school & you are helping CEC earn valuable school equipment. You will find forms in our Narthex or at the Ingles Customer Service desk. Our school code is 10648. THANK YOU in advance for helping our school & little ones in our community!

Did you know that we have a firewood ministry? The men, along with those at Antioch Baptist, chop and split wood for needy families to heat/cook with over the winter months.

As a member of that group, we ask that you take a chainsaw course put on by the UMC. Hiawassee UMC is offering this certification course on September 30th from 8:30 to 3:30 pm. If you would like to attend, please contact Hiawassee UMC at 706 896 2818.

The Parish Nurses is looking to expand their group. If you are a past or present nurse and would like to serve, please contact Diane Kolb at 706 487 9764 or dkolb159@gmail.com.

Also, we have disposable diapers of all sizes to be given out.

OCTOBER 13TH AND 14TH 9 am till 2pm

We are eagerly making preparations for the festival but need your help!

  • We need volunteers to work, to bake cookies, pies, etc., to comb through their Christmas decor and donate, to donate homemade jams and jellies or veggies, or to make crafts to sell. All proceeds go to MAC debt relief. If you need further information, please contact Joe Duket at 770 530 2340.
  • We are taking in clothing donations and your “treasures” on Friday mornings from 9am till noon. Clothing may be dropped off at the kitchen door of the fellowship hall. Treasures may be taken directly to the annex.
  • We need costume jewelry to sell at the Fall Festival. Also, any silver plated items like tea and coffee sets, sugar bowls and creamers and platters are needed. You may drop off with the Treasures on Friday or contact Kathy Wiley at 706 374 2359H/860 307 6941Cell.

Beginning Sunday, the Morning Glory Circle will begin taking coat donations for their annual coat give-away in November. Coats of all sizes and which show little wear are needed. You may drop off your donations in the closet across from the MAC desk.

Occassionally we get requests for drivers needed to carry members to doctor appointments and such. Or we get requests to bring them to Sunday church.

One such request has come in this week. A recent visitor would like to keep attending but needs a ride each Sunday. She lives in the area of Nottley Dam Road. If you are interested in giving her an occasional ride to church, please let the church office know. She has a ride up to Sunday, Sept. 24th.

Please stop by and say a prayer over these quilts. Tying a knot lets the receiver know that people care and that we have prayed for them.

Travis Henry - former UC firefighter, waiting on a heart transplant.

Laurie Mulley - Cancer treatments

Jay Golden - stent put in heart

MAC Walking Track Hours…

Monday-Thursday 9 am - 3:00 pm

Pickleball Schedule!

The Blairsville Pickleball Club now plays on Tuesdays from 12:00pm till 3:00pm. Everyone is welcome! Join us!

Fitness Classes For You!

“Ladies Exercise”: Led by Lisa Toups. Meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 - 10:00 am in M-30.

“Tai Chi”: Led by Pat Tomzyck. Meets Tuesdays at 8:00am in room M-0 (First floor). Cost is $5.00 per class. Bring a mat!

“Christ-Centered” Yoga: led by Pat Tomzyck. Meets Tuesdays at 9:00am in room M-0 (First floor). Cost is $5.00 per class. Bring your own yoga mat.

NEW “Balance Class” : Another Balance Class will be forming. A sign-up sheet is on the narthex desk. Please indicate if you would like daytime or evening class. The class is 8 weeks long and you must attend the 1st 2 classes to continue.

1-  Sandy Eady 2 – Zadie McCall, Holly Viccaro 4 – Rada Cline, Robert Mundy 5 – Carol Young 6 – Eden Snider 8 – Jimmy Hood 11 – Cathy Flood 12 – Milo Bauman, Mary Frances Lewis 13 – Robin Clair 15 – Heather Voshall 16 – Shane Douylliez 17 – Mary McCann, Jeannine Riley 19 – Dinah Paris 20 – Jeff Bauman 22 – Eliza Burdine, Charlotte Burdine, Gene Chumley 23 – Larry Clay, Nick Graphman, Bob Johnson, Miriam Sherman 24 – Larry Furgason 26 – Nancy Sanford, Lois Ward 27 – Jackie Franklin, Ragan McCarter, Lily Mercer, Hugh Stone 29 – Dee Arthur 30 – Carol Warren

Please Help Us at the church by keeping us informed of any sickness or procedures that you or any of our family members may be experiencing. You may contact Pastor Mack for your prayer requests at mack.riley@ngumc.net or call the church at 706-745-2073.

Prayer Concerns and Celebrations:

Please help us keep this list updated by notifying the office of any changes.

  • April & Clint Blackmon - Clint has cancer
  • Lyric Brogden’s friend Lu Millsaps - cancer diagnosis
  • Joyce Byers - numerous medical issues
  • Joyce Byers’ sister-in-law Shirley Kelley - had a mastectomy
  • Shirley Cobb - recovering from carpal tunnel surgery
  • Shirley Cobb’s 2nd cousin Laurie Mulloy - undergoing chemo/radiation
  • Shirley Cobb’s niece Renee Cegelis - health issues with her lungs
  • Marcie Culpepper - neurologic pain in head; health issues
  • OASIS instructor Rachel Driskell - diagnosed with lung cancer
  • Jack Dugger - health issues
  • Susan Forrester - developed blood clots in legs
  • Mitzi Gasaway - breast cancer, taking treatments
  • Christine Golden - abdominal cancer
  • Jay Golden - heart attack and had stent put in
  • Cheri Hulke’s son Scott - health issues
  • Nancy Hussey’s sister Debbie Wilfert- cancer treatments
  • Kitty Jones - reoccuring cancer
  • Wayne Jones (Kitty’s husband) - health issues
  • McKinley Majors -home from the hospital
  • Jeanee and Jerry McJilton’s brother- cancer has returned
  • Shannon Miller’s mom Wanda Pickelsimer
  • Patty Norwood’s son, Ryan-serious colon problems
  • Patty Norwood’s sister, Jan-lung problems
  • Carrie Parker’s newborn daughter Vera having heart issues
  • Jeannie Pickerill - broken ribs from accident
  • Jeannie Pickerill’s granddaughter Kyla Bauer- has a second bout with cancer
  • Teresa Price’s grandson Isiah Arrant-long term recovery from burns
  • Mack Riley’s neighbor Dennis Ashley - health concerns
  • Linda/Jerry Roberson- both have continuing health issues
  • Nikki Schuknecht - colon/liver cancer;receiving treatments
  • Avis Shaw’s sister Mildred Elkin
  • April Southern’s mom (Laurel Denmon) - health issues
  • Ron Taylor - in hospice care at the nursing home
  • Carole Thompson - recovering from knee replacement surgery


  • Bill Bender
  • Marjorie Bowron
  • Alex Box
  • Mike Brandenburg
  • David Cline
  • Shirley Cobb
  • Jack Dugger
  • Jesse Eady
  • Christine Golden
  • Jana Howe
  • Wayne Jones
  • James Jordan
  • Leura Mollnhauer
  • Elaine Neuhaus
  • Ray Norwood
  • Niki Owrey
  • Jeanne Pickerill
  • Jerry Roberson
  • Carol/Norm Rogers
  • Avis Shaw
  • Fritz Simonsen
  • Sue Stewart
  • Carole Thompson
  • Zach Thompson
  • Carol Warren
  • Roy Whitelock
  • Sharon Willits


  • Jim Arthur - Stonehenge Assisted Living, Building 2, Room 5
  • Polly Conkle - Blue Ridge Assisted Living
  • Richard and Shirley McGinnis - Brasstown Manor Assisted Living
  • Nisia Redgrave - Chatuge Nursing Home
  • Ron Taylor - UG Nursing Home
  • Lois Ward - Brasstown Manor Assisted Living - under hospice care

If you haven’t signed up yet for online giving,

it’s as easy as going to our website (firstmethodistblairsville.com), scrolling down on the front page and hitting the online giving button.

A Note from Your Finance Team THANK YOU!!!

………………………… Received…………YTD Received

September 3rd…..$22,238.80………$541,975.72

Please continue to remember your Church in your legacy trusts & wills - that gift is also greatly appreciated!

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 First United Methodist Church of Union County

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Rev. Jimmy Hood, Pastor

Church Website: www.firstmethodistblairsville.com

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