Music Rehearsals


Handbells is cancelled for 2 weeks.
Choir meets this week (March 2) at 6:15 pm instead of 7. Choir will be cancelled next week. We will be singing every Sunday so this week’s rehearsal is very important!

Cantata – its going to be fun!

Dear Faith Family,

I had the privilege of sitting with our Choir and myriads of guest instrumentalists for a couple of hours late last night as we made our final preparations for the 2013 Christmas Cantata that will be offered to God’s glory this coming Sundayat both 9 am and 11 am in the main Sanctuary. It was breathtaking. I’ll do my best to describe with human words what I experienced last night but I go into this knowing that I will fail miserably to capture what touched my heart last night:

The heavenly voices that make up our traditional worship choir lofted Christmas melodies and rich multi-part harmonies towards heaven itself with the power and joy in which THE STORY was intended as a transforming gift unto all the world.

I felt instrumental musicians breathe divine life into the worship space through giftedness that is so refined, so pure, I struggled to keep track of where this ole narrator was supposed to speak! Horns, strings, and clarinets – Oh My!

Several soloists allowed angels from heaven to use their God given voices to capture the depth and dimension of some of our richest Scriptural movements resurrecting the spirit of truth that shouts out “WAKE UP WORLD, GOD IS WITH US!”

One named Keith sat patiently on the far side like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain over in the corner magically compelling all that happens to happen as he cajoles every ounce of musicality out of every key and every pedal making the world appear bigger than life itself.

And at the center of it all dances a master conductor named Jeff who is carrying 100 trains of thought in his head simultaneously with holy clarity while maintaining his sanity (we hope) as he uses every movement of his entire physical presence to coax everyone to their very best as a large number of individuals become one seamless musical emotion glorifying God!

 You can sleep in if you want on Sunday, but at 9 am and at 11 am, I know where I will be – I’ll be in heaven – in the main Sanctuary. You’re invited. And you’re invited to invite others. And you’re invited to invite others to invite others! Come thirsty for THE STORY in song (but leave the salted sunflower seeds in the car! - grin)

God’s Boundless Joy,

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