No Youth tonight

Just a reminder that there will not be any Youth Activities tonight. There will also not be a bus from the church picking up Youth from School. 

This coming Sunday night, the 14th, is going to be our annual Youth Christmas Party. We will have the Christmas Party after the Children’s Christmas play. 
Come prepared to get messy! 
We will be having Pizza for dinner before the party starts. 
As always, we are going to do our Christmas gift exchange. The spending limit is 10$…. No giftcards, please 🙂 
See you at 6 o’clock Sunday!
Have a Great Week! 


Youth to Sky Zone

On Sunday November 23rd, we will be taking a Youth Trip to Sky Zone indoor trampoline park in Kennesaw, Ga!!!  
Your child will need money for their ticket into Sky Zone and money for lunch as well. 
I will send out another email as soon as I have a confirmation on our reservation with Sky Zone. 
PLEASE let me know if your child is interested in going on this trip. I will need a round about number for our reservation. 
I will also ask for two van drivers for this day, please let me know if you would be interested in driving a van for our youth. 

Have a great week!!!!!!


SPARK and Youth Progressive Dinner

We are in the process of planning a SPARK (5th, 6th and early 7th grades) and Youth Progressive Dinner for November 16th!  
Last year, we had Progressive Fast Food dinner and it was tons of fun!  This year, Camden and I thought that since this is so close to Thanksgiving, we could do a progressive Thanksgiving Feast - visiting our own homes!  
So, if you would like to be a part of our Progressive Dinner and open your home for a group of us to come in and grab a part of our feast, please let me or Camden know as soon as possible!  
This is always great fun and another great way to build those wonderful relationships with our kids!!!
Peace and Love,


Youth Events

Parents and Youth,

Here is a bit of information on the happenings we have planned so far for the rest of the year. 
This years Thanksgiving Church Celebration will take place on Wednesday, November 19th. Come out and join our Church family as we Celebrate the Season of Thanksgiving Together. The Church will be closed from Wednesday November 26th-Friday November 28th
Hanging of the Greens
November 30th will be the Hanging of the Greens Service at 5p.m. This will be a Chili Pot Luck dinner starting at 5, with Service from 6-7.
Christmas Parade
This year, we are bringing back the tradition of entering a float in the Blairsville Christmas Parade. The Christmas Parade will be on Dec. 6th. This years theme is Frozen on The Square. The float has been designed and just needs workers to make it happen! That’s You!!!!! 
We will be carrying large snowflakes and streamers down the parade route alongside our float. 
Youth Christmas Party
In the past, the Youth Christmas Party is a blowout, messy, good time! 
The Youth Christmas Party will take place on December 14th, after the Children’s Christmas Program. 
Ski Trip!!!! 
The Ski Trip for this year will be taking place on the weekend of February 13th-16th. (Dates have not yet been finalized due to the expectation of snow days this winter).
If you are planning to attend this years ski trip, YOU WILL HAVE TO PARTICIPATE in the CHRISTMAS PARADE (ON PARADE DAY) and help with the preparation and building of the FROZEN FLOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Parents , this has already been presented to the Youth and will not be news to them) 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the Church or my cell. 


Youth Spiritual Life Retreat – Mark your calendars!

This years Spiritual Life Retreat is going to be the first weekend of October!!! Here’s the plan!

As many of you know, last year we took a Spiritual Life Retreat to the Mountain Camp in Suches. We spent the whole weekend having fun, hanging out, running a-muck, and just enjoying the outdoors for a few days away! This year, we will be doing the same thing again! Here’s the plan!!!!!!!!
Friday October 3rd - Meet at the Church after school to head for camp! We will eat and then have a short devotional time to get our weekend started.  
Saturday October 4th– Fun Day! Canoeing, fishing, hiking, hammocking, devotional times, and whatever else you want to do!
Sunday October 5th– Head for home! - Clean up and head back! 
The cost for the Weekend will be 40$ per Youth. We will be staying in cabins for the weekend, or for those who chose to do so, you may hammock outside. 
I will be needing parent volunteers for the weekend to help drive vans, provide food (snacks, drinks, etc.) and prepare meals, + you will get to spend lots of time relaxing as well! 
Please Email me if you are willing to help- so far I have….
Friday Evening and Saturday Morning - Melinda and Jeff Weldon
Saturday Lunch-
Saturday Dinner-
Sunday Breakfast- Cereal and Easy Stuff for clean-up.

As of right now I have 15-20 spots available for Youth to go on this trip. I can call and arrange for more if needed. PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! 

Have a great week! 


Acolyte Appreciation

Acolyte Appreciation Sunday – this Sunday at the 11:00 Service.  It is our intent to honor all of our past and present Acolytes as they have such a special role within the Church. At this point, I have only heard from one parent as to who will be there. I am hoping that more of our Acolytes will be present so that we can celebrate their service.  I would hate to not have a certificate for someone who comes forward!  If you are planning on attending and will have your child/youth at this service, please, please let me know!  I am finalizing the details this week!
Thank you so much for your help with this special event!


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