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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 05-15-2024

05-15-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday PENTECOST SUNDAY   Pentecost is this Sunday, May 19th. But many people, including Christians, may not know why the day is special or what is celebrated. Unlike Easter and Christmas, when colorful eggs, Easter bunnies, Christmas...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 05-08-2024

05-08-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday United Methodist General Conference Here is the General Conference Legislative Recap so you can be informed as to what took place at in Charotte, NC over the last two weeks.   ABOUT GENERAL CONFERENCE General Conference is the...

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FUMC: Words for Wednesday 05-01-2024

05-01-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday Attitude   Dr. Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist, was a prisoner of war for a long period of time in Nazi concentration camps. During his imprisonment, he noticed something that intrigued him. He observed that some of the...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 04-24-2024

04-24-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday   Thank you for your ongoing support of First United Methodist Church of Union County. We could not reach out with the love of Christ to our community without a generous outpouring of time,...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 04-17-2024

04-17-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday ARE YOU LIVING LIKE A BUCKET OR A PIPE   Are you living like a bucket or a pipe? This is a rather odd metaphorical question; yet, consider the purpose of each. A bucket is designed to hold things (liquids, dirt, etc.). A pipe...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 04-10-2024

04-10-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday Stewardship Sunday April 28, 2024 Congregations that approach financial stewardship from a biblical perspective do not view the money Christians give to their church merely as a way to pay its bills. Rather, such congregations see...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 04-03-2024

04-03-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday No Withholding He sat down opposite the treasury and watched the crowd putting money into the treasury. Many rich people put in large sums. A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which are worth a penny. Then he called...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 03-27-2024

03-27-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday Celebrating Easter!   On Sunday we will celebrate Easter as a First United Methodist Church family. I love the chorus of the hymn, “Because He Lives,” written by Gloria and Bill Gaither: “Because he lives, I can face tomorrow;...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 03-20-2024

03-20-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday Nature Tells the Story   God shares his message of love and grace in many different ways. He never ceases communicating with us! He cares for us that much. Just look around, even nature itself can remind and tell us of His...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 03-13-2024

03-13-2024 FUMC Words for Wednesday Today’s article introduces the last two areas of ministry that outline what we are striving to accomplish in 2024.   INTENTIONAL FAITH DEVELOPMENT   “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one...

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