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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 09-27-2023

09-27-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Commonly Asked Questions about the Upcoming Church Vote Process What if I can’t get there by 6 p.m.? Can I show up late and still VOTE? We will start checking people in at 5 p.m. and ask that you arrive by 5:30 p.m to ensure we can...

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FUMC Words of Wednesday: 09-20-2023

09-20-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Would You Pray with Me?   There is much that is going on in our lives, in our world, and in our church. It is in trying times that we need the Lord the most. We need his wisdom, guidance, and discernment. With the upcoming...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 09-13-2023

09-13-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Prayer for the Anniversary of 9/11 O God, our hope and refuge, in our distress we come quickly to you. Shock and horror of that tragic day have subsided, replaced now with an emptiness, a longing for an innocence lost. We come...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 9-6-2023

09-06-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Building good habits In our constant pursuit to come closer to God, we are always on the lookout for tips to help us develop better habits and become more disciplined with our time with God. I came across an article by Holly Vicente...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 8-30-2023

08-30-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday GOD’S POWER   During the summer months, in the South, we have frequent and sometimes terrifying thunderstorms. During these storms, not only is the Earth refreshed by the rains, but we also see and experience the awesome and...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 08-23-2023

08-23-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday You may donate directly to UMCOR where 100% goes to the relief effort or you may write a check to FUMC and note on there for relief # 901670. Thank you to everyone who attended and/or participated in the Town Hall meeting this past...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 08-16-2023

08-16-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Prayer Opportunities This Sunday we will complete our sermon series on prayer. My hope is that you have found something useful in this series. I also hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities available to be in prayer,...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 08-09-2023

08-09-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Spiritual Growth Opportunity A few weeks ago, I shared with you elements of being a Christian. Among those was the importance of being in Bible study. Whether it is in a small group of friends, online, in Sunday school, or another...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 08-02-2023

08-02-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Thank You for Your Gift of Grace I must confess. I made a major blunder this Sunday. During my sermon I used a character from the Bible as an example. I recounted his story accurately. He is a prime example of how gracious God is to...

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FUMC Words for Wednesday: 07-26-2023

07-26-2023 FUMC Words for Wednesday Prayer Is Essential   In our faith walk, prayer is essential to a strong relationship with God, staying connected to one another, and for our wellbeing and peace of mind. There are many things that we have learned about prayer,...

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